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Everyone is trying to show a purposeful story about the product or item they sell. So we sat a several days, trying to think whether people are really caring why this project is launched or perhaps, nowadays, everything is about low cost products.

However, every single day, when we are shopping, we can have a pretty clear picture: plastic is still all around us in each package, in every shelves, and in all hands. Yes, people still buy this cheap plastic solution in huge numbers -plastic bags. Because most of time, they forget to bring their reusable grocery/shopping bag, or it is just taking space, or just is inconvenient to carry, or for any other reasons.  And at the end of day, most of people shopping after work and get their groceries into plastic bags, which end ups in the ocean. This picture is making us sad.

We started to think, that it should exist a simple, nice alternative to plastic bags, which we won’t forget cause we do care about our future generations, thus, we should have a meaningful message to educate those who are not aware. We were trying to find a lightweight, foldable, sustainable, generally speaking, a multifunctional bag usable in different places for ourselves and this was not straightforward task and even not accessible. All in all, we felt it should be brought to all of us. So we can use it in every day for all purposes. A string bag!